How a New Piece of Tech From Purdue May Change the Wearable Tech Market

purdue technology

Many years have been spent working on ways to bring technology closer to the body. One of the primary scientists in this field has been Karthik Ramani. Ramani has been working at Purdue University to find a way to interplay computers and the human body. The team with Ramani has been working with a company to create a piece of software known as the iSoft. He stated that ““One of the big motivations that drives my research and thinking is to make computing — the way we interact with computers — the best we can make it,” he says.

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“The phone is a great example. Prior to that we sort of assumed [how] you interact with computers.” This type of thinking helped to make this new device that can be used across several industries. One of the big industries that it can be used with is athletics as well as the medical industry. Portable computing is another industry that it can help with. The innovations by Ramani are going to be aimed towards the medical industry. The main innovation is the fact that this technology can be used extremely well as a part of the body.

He further stated that ““Now that we’ve patented our technology I can pull their legs a bit,” he recalls. “I said, ‘Look at this work Google is doing with Levi’s, they have to weave into thread. Ours is much easier.’ We want to provide interfaces so people want to (use the technology) and will do it,” Ramani says. “We put buttons and switches for them to use.” The hopes are high that this new technology will help to bring care to people who need it the most, across several industries and professions.


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