New Technology Alternative To Opiate Painkillers Taking the Market by Storm


If you’ve been reading the news in the past few months you know that the opiate crisis has taken American by storm. A new report from the QuintilesIMS Institute named “the United States for Non-Dependence” shows that the issue is extremely widespread across the board.

There has been 3.3 billion opioids prescribed to patients for post surgery every year with patients being given on average around 85 pills each. Around 3million individuals who received a surgical procedure in 2016 became addicted to opiates, taking the pills from around 3 to 6 months after the procedure had finished. Obviously, this is no easy solution to tackle, but one company may have found a solution.

A company out of Cleveland, Ohio has claimed to make a wearable device they are calling the SPRINT Peripheral Nerve System System. The System is cleared by the FDA and works by stimulating nerve fibers with pulses to help calm them down. There are little side effects associated with it and it is completely non-invasive.

This is not a new technology as using electrical stimulation has been around for decades. Maria Bennet, the founder and CEO of SPR Therapeutics stated in a recent interview that the newest electrical stimulation devices they make are working better than ever. Bennett stated that “that’s largely because of their cost, invasiveness, and the need for surgery, since they are fully implantable devices.”

Less invasive devices using a lower amount of electricity have been proven to be an effective alternative to opiates and other pain killers in the country.

With the use of these drugs at an all time high, any technology that promises to be an alternative to the extremely addictive and high likelihood of side effects that are associated with opiates.


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