New Wearable Device Could Help Millions of People

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A new wearable tech piece has come out that has a high amount of potential to help millions of people. The device measures blood sugar, heart rate irregularities and is able to log all of that data in a very convenient way. Health care data has for a long time been quite inaccessible to the individual. Most people, if they need certain data on their health, would have to go in to a physical doctors office to be able to find out that type of information on themselves. As the space on wearable technology has been developing, this type of data has never been easier to access.

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Not only can the individuals access the data in an easier way, but the doctors who need the data can remotely track it from anywhere in the world. The study on the new device states that the wearable could help give individuals “the data they need to manage these conditions on their own, outside costly clinical settings, could save the U.S. health-care system billions of dollars. And granting researchers access to that real-world data could allow for an entirely new – and much more efficient – way of measuring the effectiveness of treatments.”

Diabetes currently affects almost 10% of the population in America, with the country spending more money on the condition than any other disease. If this wearable technology is able to change the space on how we monitor this condition, the new wearable could likely help to curb the spending in the billions of dollars. Some estimates have stated that the savings could amount to over $100 billion annually. The hopes are high that this new wearable can continue to change the way that we monitor certain conditions, making patients lives easier in the future.


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