How a New Wearable is Helping Those With Seizures

seizure technology

A new report has come out showing how a new wearable device could effectively help individual who suffer from epileptic seizures. The device will be able to tell when a person is about to have s seizure, alerting them and care team members so that they could potentially save a life. The device, known as the Embrace smart device, has been developed by a team at Cambridge, Mass. The devices uses a machine learning technology algorithm to measure “ electrodermal activity and identify when a user experiences the most dangerous kinds of seizures, known as “grand mal” or “generalized tonic-clonic” seizures, then sends alerts by text message and e-mail to designated caregivers.”

According to the company, around 3.4 million Americans including almost 500,000 children, are struggling with epilepsy and its related conditions. Around 35% of those who suffer from this disease do not respond to typical treatments. The treatments are only partially effective for another 33% of those involved. Orrin Devinsky, director of NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center stated that the wearable “represents a major milestone in the care of epilepsy patients. Tragically, more than 3,000 Americans die each year from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), and the Embrace offers the potential to alarm family members and caretakers that a tonic-clonic seizure is occurring,” he said.

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“The scientific evidence strongly supports that prompt attention during or shortly after these convulsive seizures can be life-saving in many cases.” With the industry on wearable technology growing at an extremely fast pace, the hopes are high that this new technology that is being created will help individuals live an easier life. As more and more tech is coming out into the space, the wearable tech industry will likely become more and more prevalent to the broader market.


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