How a New Wearable Medical Device Can Help Heal the Body

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A new device has been introduced to the market with the goal of providing dynamic back support for patients suffering from a number of medical conditions. The data for the device comes in the form of biometric devices that have been tracking how patients move and in what ways they need help for their pain.

The device is being produced with the help of a competition, organized by the group known as Noumena with the help of IN(3D)USTRY. The aim is to find and produce a device that will help provide orthopedic back care so that individuals with different medical conditions can not only track their conditions, but be able to heal them as well.

One of the main goals of the device is to provide back support while also incorporating a large amount of mobility and flexibility. This is something that has not yet been met in the industry by any other device. The hopes are that the device can help individuals heal by providing what is known as adaptive super power, to help with the performance of daily tasks from moving furniture to working in a warehouse.

The device incorporates the use of high-performance fabrics and a strong anatomically shaped structure. Wearable biometric devices have been shaping the medical industry for the past year or so and only look to continue with their help in the market.

As mentioned previously, the main goal is to create something that is fashionable but also fully functional for the patient. The device has been selected as the best design in the competition and production will begin once a final production method is met. As the industry continues to increase in popularity, the amount of devices that will change the space will increase as well.


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