How a New Wearable Could Prevent Falls in Elderly People

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Wearable technology has become the way of the future, taking over several aspects of the tech industry. Many different wearable inventions have helped to progress the way we go about our daily lives. A new wearable tech piece has come out that could help out elderly individuals who are at risk of falling. According to the report, the tech was “Developed by researchers at Spain’s Universitat Politècnica de València, FallSkip is a mobile app that runs on a special Android-based mobile device, which sits on a custom waistband.

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Doctors can enter the patient’s vitals into the app, and then use its in-built accelerometer and gyroscope to test them for balance and gait patterns, coordination, reaction time, and muscle strength. Once this test is completed, the patients are awarded a score which indicates whether they are a likely candidate to have a fall in the near future. That data can then be used to make informed decisions about their care.” This technology has a high ability to help individuals in an industry that usually is just geared towards giving metrics about an individuals body.

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Xavi Andrade Celdran, the innovation manager for FallSkip stated that “one out of three older adults falls at least once a year, which is one of the major geriatric syndromes and the second biggest cause of accidental or unintentional death.” He further stated that “a fall usually implies a deterioration in the autonomy of elderly people, which reduces their quality of life and that of their social environment. The consequence range from clinical problems, such as fractures or sprains, to the fear or falling syndrome, which involves an increase in the facility of the older person.” The hopes are high that this new technology can help those who need it the most.


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