New Wearable Tech is Being Created

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Students in Lackawanna County recently worked on a project to create a new line of wearable devices that will hopefully add some much needed creativity and out-of-the box thinking to the sometimes stagnant market on wearable technology. The students displayed their devices at the North Pocono Public Library in Moscow recently, where the devices measured several aspects of the human body.

According to the report on the event “The event not only gave the kids a new techy toy, but it also taught them about engineering, problem solving, and working together.” “Even if you mess up, you end up creating something new that you never thought you could make,” said Abby Havenstrite of Springbrook Township. Although the likelihood of these devices making it into the market seems to be quite slim, the fact that children are able to put their creativity to work helping to improve the space on wearables means that there is a large amount of potential for the future of the industry.

The wearable space has for too long been simply about making different devices that can track a few aspects of the human body. Wearable devices need to find a new space to occupy in the tech world which seems to be occurring in the most recent reports. New devices are being created on quite a regular basis, which is helping the market to grow at quite a quick pace. As new devices are made in the space, the popularity of the industry will continue to grow exponentially. More and more investors are beginning to get into the space, helping to add a large amount of legitimacy and monetary backing to ideas that otherwise would not get put into play. The hopes are high that this market can continue to see a large amount of adoption throughout.


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