How the New York Jets are Using Biometrics

new york jets biometric technology

Earlier in the second week of September, the New York Jets announced that they would be partnering with IdentoGO. The company brands itself as a service provider that would help to ensure people going in and out of the stadium are who they say they are. By using biometrics, IdentoGO could almost eliminate the need for a physical ticket, and would be able to use the person’s individual physical traits to identify them.

IdentoGO, which was formerly IDEMIA, is the provider of the TSA Precheck software and has helped to implement large scale biometrics into airports and across the nation. With this agreement, it marks the first use of biometrics for any sports team or arena. They have branded themselves as the “Official Identity Security and Biometrics Partner of the New York Jets.”

The spokesman for the New York Jets, President Neil Glat stated that “we are proud to be the first sports team to partner with an industry leader like IdentoGO. IdentoGO’s commitment to innovation and providing the best possible customer experience tightly aligns with out own philosophy. We look forward to working with them to explore new ways to provide our fans with access to new and improved technology to improve the gameday experience.”

The new deal made by the two associations will help to let fans register ahead of time for security measures, much like PreCheck does. This will hopefully lead to speedier lines, and better customer satisfaction overall.

The use of biometrics is becoming increasingly popular, as the security it offers and ease of use that comes with it is at an all time high. With the public worried about security every where they go, it is nice to know that new technology is coming out to put their minds at rest.

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