How a Nokia Wearable Could Soon be Able to Spot Cancer

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Early On New wearables have been coming out in the smartwatch sector that have the aim of being able to track and diagnose cancer earlier than other devices would be able to. A new piece of tech from Nokia could potentially change the way that cancer is diagnosed. According to the chief executive of Nokia, Rajeev Suri, the future of medical treatment could involve a wearable device that would be able to spot cancer “several months” before other traditional identifiers could spot it.

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Suri stated that “with these sort of products, you can start to prevent stuff before it occurs and we think through biomarkers you can even figure out cancer several months before it occurs.” Biomarkers is a term that has been introduced to define devices that can capture data from different biological states within the body, helping to tell individuals about factors that they otherwise would not have had access too. Nokia currently has a large line of products that are able to track different metrics from sleep to fitness tracking and more. With a new research team, the company is working on finding new ways that they can help individuals across the entire spectrum of need.

Another product that the research team is working on is a device that would be able to track the levels of glucose, cholesterol and lactic acid. This would help individuals who otherwise would have to go to a doctor to get this kind of information told to them. The hopes are high that these new devices can all be integrated into the larger scheme of health related wearable technology. As more and more technology is created and more innovation is made throughout the space, it will be interesting to see where the wearable market is able to go.


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