Now You Can Keep Track Of Internet Performance With Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL)


Data as a service cloud provision by Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) is now possible after the technology giant acquired DyN. As part of Oracle’s efforts to deliver free cloud features, data users can now have a taste of the next generation of data as a service capability. Along with this efforts, Oracle will soon launch a new tool that will help track the health of global internet. The device has been launched as internet intelligence map and will be distributed freely. Vice president of product strategy, Mr. Kyle York, explains that the tool is a comfortable graphical treatment to prove that Oracle is still on its feet to deliver quality cloud services.

How it Works

It is a multi-dimensional way for users to have a graphical display of how events like national calamities, disasters, and state-driven distractions affect internet performance. Statistics that will be provided include country-level connectivity statues based on query volumes of DNS and BGP single dashboards. In real time one can keep abreast of denial of service attacks, malware and imposed blackouts on internet, as well as possible threats and connectivity interruptions. Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, stressed that people tend to forget that internet cables pass across the ocean floor, which raises their probability to be damaged. As a result, the importance to monitor internet health is crucial.

A disruption of the internet will affect both governments and citizens alike. The project is a commitment to deliver high performance and internet stability. Research and analytics at Dyn, as well as Oracle’s internet performance data sets, collaborate to power the map’s infrastructure. High values between one to a hundred represents higher threats and a higher probability of impacting internet performance.

Larry further explained that whenever internet begins to face issues, dig more into the Internet service provider and compare the data graphs of latency.


Companies need the internet tracker to counter threats that will hinder users from accessing their web applications conveniently. An internet user wants to understand why their connection is not working as usual. This statistics will allow internet providers to work around performance issues as well as improve stability.


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