How the Olympics Are Changing the Wearable Industry

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The industry on wearable technology has been at the height of its technological advancements in recent times, with many new investments coming into the space. One of the most surprising uses of this technology is that of the olympics. Mounir Zok, the biomedical engineer in charge of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s tech and innovation, has been working with his team to brainstorm and create some of the newest most technologically advanced pieces of wearable tech that the world has seen.

Zok stated that “just like a butterfly can never be a caterpillar again, once an athlete starts using technology to peak when she wants to peak, limit injuries, and maximize performance, she can never go back to just intuitive training.” The team has been using the technology for a few years now, but it only came into play fully during the 2016 Summer Games, allowing for many individuals on the U.S. team to take home the gold. Zok is a Lebanese national, who studied physics at American University in Beirut. He received a doctorate from the University of Bologna, where he since has been working on many startups around the world. Zok has been working on new technology for the most recent games happening this year in Pyeongchang.

The team has created virtual-reality ski-training software, while analyzing different types of snow to help determine what skate blades are the fastest. This type of technology is incredibly new, and its potential continues to show the larger potential of the wearable market. As these technological advancements become more mainstream, the hopes are high that the wearable industry will continue to dominate the tech world as we continue to urge through this new year and see what else it has in store.


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