Opera Reveals A New Browser Technology Called Neon


Opera Reveals A New Browser Technology Called Neon

Internet browser technology seems to have become dull. After much modernization, things slowed down since Google Chrome was revealed. We have seen a few interesting experiments, mostly from smaller players like Vivaldi and Brave, but the larger players have pretty much been playing it safe.


Opera was sold to an association of Chinese companies last year and is switching things up with the reveal of Opera Neon, an experimental desktop browser for both Mac and Windows. They would like to redefine what a current browser should look like. There is no task bar or bookmarks bar to be seen. Round bubbles will replace the tabs at the top. It will automatically grab your desktop’s background image and uses that as the background image of your new home page. There is also a sidebar on the left hand side that will let you control video playback and audio which allows you to watch it even while you are surfing in other tabs. There is a screenshotting tool in the same sidebar. Furthermore, Opera Neon allows you to place two browser tabs side-by-side within the same window if you have a wider or larger screen.

It would be somewhat difficult to make the change to Opera Neon because it does not support plug-ins yet. It does, however, have some cool features like the pop-out video feature. The browsing seems to work at a quick speed, too. About bookmarks, you have to open up a new tab to get each one. It is not possible to organize them, either. If you have a lot of bookmarks you will end up with a lot of tabs open. Opera’s former CEO said that Neon won’t replace Opera’s existing browser, “However, some of its new features are expected to be added to Opera this spring.”


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