Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) unveils a Cloud Campus in Austin, Texas


The stock of Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) closed at $44.79 losing 2.38% in yesterday’s trading session. It was just recently that Oracle launched its new Austin, Texas campus and the hopes are that it will be serving as a sales innovation customer experience hub.

And it will all be about giving the much needed support for the increasing demand for Oracle Cloud. Asides from that, the company will also be seeking to draw tip talents to it since it deems that to be the best way to helping move the company a notch higher in terms of achieving immense business success in the near future.

Mark Hurd, who happens to be the Oracle Chief Executive Officer, recently attended a business conference and as he moved out of the building he was approached by a number of journalists who wanted him to give his perspective regarding the recent developments in the company as well as its future goals.

He was quick to stipulate that the company was at the moment making expansions in Austin in a bid to attract, hire and train the best talent. He asserted that to them as a company, the attainment of unprecedented growth to their cloud business was a matter that they took with much seriousness.

He winded up by outlining that the campus would be moving quite a long way assisting the various customers accelerate their Oracle Cloud adoption as well as drive success by significant margins.

The sleek five-story building will be a step towards the right direction for a company that has over the years sought to stick out from the rest by doing all that it can in enhancing its own business operations. There is an area that will specifically be reserved for about 3,000 tech workers and of course a large number if them will be the professionals and that is according to the information that was unlashed recently by a person following closely on Oracle’s most rcent developments.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott congratulated Oracle on behalf of the state of Texas for the major leap forward it had made. He said that it was a good thing the company had succeeded at growing its investment in the region.


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