Phone Charging Shouldn’t Be This Hard!


It’s been over ten years since the first “revolution” in wireless charging came about and this long after, that revolution has yet to materialize.  In 2006 Ran Poliakine had envisioned a world where millions of people would be able to go about their every day lives all while effortlessly being able to charge electronic devices without the need for a wall socket.

Since widespread adoption still has yet to take hold, many technology stock companies are working to invest in some kind of alternative that wouldn’t involve being connected to a cord.  Research from the University of Missouri shows this affliction can increase our stress levels, and lead to serious psychological harm. Researchers say when separated from our phone during a corded charging phase “we experience a lessening of ‘self’ and a negative physiological state”.

“So many off-grid households in East Africa told us light is nice to have, but mobile phones are now a necessity.”

Radhika Thakkar, VP of global business development for the company.

Many tech companies have researched this further in order to try to find solutions but unfortunately many involved the use of a charging cord in some shape or form.  Even battery life extenders need to be charged before they can pass the charge onto the end user: the mobile phone.

It never used to be like this – in the old days, when mobiles just made calls, keeping charged was easy. Your handset might have looked and felt like a heavy brick, but it also had power for at least three days.

Now keeping your phone in the “green zone” can drive people to the most agile of feats – standing on tiptoes to reach an unusually high socket at an airport, squatting on the floor in a public toilet, or maneuvering wires underneath a sea of tables in a coffee shop.

The closest thing, Mophie, has created a cell phone case that acts as more of a battery life extender than anything else.  The tech company was just tapped by Zagg for a $100,000,000 buyout making it one of the first big acquisitions of its kind in the mobile charging space.  This could soon spark a new trend for innovators to dive into the uncharted waters with similar hopes at an opportunity to be purchased for a 9 figure sum. Certainly something Tech Stock Insider will be following as the story unfolds.



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