Prime Air – Cargo Plane By $AMZN To Expand Their Delivery Network


The most popular e-commerce business brand in the world Amazon is unveiling their branded cargo planes. There would be 40 jetliners to make their own transportation network. By doing this they will have more control on the deliveries and their processing. The number of shipped packages all around the world is getting increased after each year. So, this pushes the company to make their delivery process speedy by introducing their own cargo planes. In 2015, the company has parceled around 1 billion packages around the globe.

In the past, the company Amazon had many issues with the air freight services. Back in 2013, Amazon started offering a refund policy for those customers who received their orders late in Christmas due to bad weather. According to the analysts, it is good for the company to have their own air fleet in order to control their delivery process. They can process deliveries faster and with the no-extra cost for delivery.

The president of ShipMatrix (shipping consultant company) Satish Jindel said in an interview that “They are such a big online retailers. There’s so much volume that if you have to add transportation for yourself, why would you pay a retail price when you can get wholesale? It makes sense.”

The Amazon revealed their first cargo plane labeled as “Prime Air” on Friday at Seafair Air Show in Washington. The company had leased 40 Boeing jets from Air Transport Services Group and Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings to operate their air cargo network. From 40, eleven of them are already delivering packages with free two-day shipping. The next Boeing jets will start delivering packages in the next couple of years.

The senior vice president of worldwide operations of Amazon said that “Aircraft like Amazon One will allow the company to continue to maintain our fast delivery speeds and lower our costs as our Prime base and our Prime member growth continue to soar.”


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