Putin Overwhelmingly Wins 6 Fresh Years As Russian leader


    Vladimir Putin has once again won a new six year term after being re-elected in the recently contested elections this being his fourth term since coming to office. Putin had been a front runner in the elections having faced 7 other candidates who could not compete his political influence having successfully ensured his main rival was pushed out of the race

    Votes garnered

    Putin garnered up to 76% of the votes, the commission having completed tallying of up to 80% of votes of Russia’s regions by early Monday besides massive claims of violations of the electoral process. There were alleged ballot stuffing and forced voting however, according to analysts this does not likely to have any influence on the outcome of the electoral process.

    Putin’s leadership strategy has been revolving around stability, which is highly valued by the citizen’s after immediately a disheartening break-up from the Soviet Union. The President is said to have a great political command over Russians with more than 30,000 congregating in Manezh Square awaiting his victory speech and to hear what their leader had to tell them.

    Election malpractice

    The electoral agency had to respond to some of the alleged vote tampering claims through suspension of some its polling station chiefs in some regions, which were claimed to have been highly affected.

    Following reports by some elections observers, there were alleged forced voting in some instances, there was a high influx of people going in to vote between certain time periods. One of the civil servants also indicated that they had up to a certain time (2 p.m) to report to their bosses having voted. Ballot stuffing was also greatly alleged with some people being arrested for engaging in the electoral malpractices.

    Alexei Navalny, the President’s strongest competitor and the main anti-corruption campaigner was barred from contesting in what was felt as a politically motivated move, forcing his supports to call for an election boycott. In a less than 2 minutes speech, Putin told his supporters that he was one of their member and as such they were bound to succeed.


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