Researchers Have Been Working on a Wearable For Plants

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    Wearables have managed to recreate the way we interact with physical activity throughout the past several years. New tech has helped to give individuals a way to let people know different aspects of their lives in ways they never would have been able to do prior. The next step i this innovation is that scientists have created a new way to monitor different aspects of plants and their biology.

    A new line of wearables marketed for plants is becoming widely available as scientists perfect the technology. According to the research, “A team of engineers from Iowa State University has developed wearable sensors, some specially designed for our photosynthetic friends, allowing growers to measure how their crops use water. The innovative new device — which its creators are calling “plant tattoo sensors” — is designed to be low-cost, using the revolutionary material graphene, which allows it to be thin and adhere to surfaces like tape.” Liang Dong, an Iowa State electrical engineer who helped develop the tech stated recently that “Wearable sensor technologies have been researched and applied in biomedicine, healthcare, and related industries, but are still relatively new and almost unexplored for applications related to agriculture and crops,” Liang Dong, an Iowa State electrical engineer who helped develop the technology, told Digital Trends.

    “Tape-based sensors can be simply attached to plants and provide signals related to transpiration from plants, with no any complex installation procedures or parts required.” The new technology is a breakthrough in the wearable sector, and continues to show how far the technology has come in such a short period of time. The hopes are high that the innovation in the space can continue to change the way we, and plants work, and how well we know our bodies.

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