Are Safety Trackers the Next Big Wearable?

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Medical safety trackers have been quite important since their debut only a few years earlier. With most of the technology now being quite antiquated, many tech companies are working hard to develop some new type of tech that would help to reinvent this older market. A Chinese smartphone maker known as ZTE has been one of the most well known companies for making budget handsets. The company recently released the information at CES that they will be partnering with the large company Qualcomm as well as another personal security safety provider, to help offer customers a safer way to go about their daily lives.

The personal safety trackers help to represent a more practical side of the tech world, where many features are usually meant for the tracking of health or other entertainment purposes. ZTE has been working to put a modern day spin on this otherwise older technology. Jeff Yee, the vice president of product marketing for ZTE stated that “the work between ZTE, Qualcomm Technologies and Wearsafe will create the next generation of personal safety solutions through a small wearable device.” ZTE’s main brand initiative has been the creation of these smart devices for the prepaid mobile market, but the company has been able to branch out into more lucrative fields such as the aforementioned security tracking market.

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ZTE will use a new platform by the company Snapdragon to help integrate the new tech into a product that is already available. This will likely speed up the process, where it would usually take quite some time for the company to develop their own version of the technology. The hopes are high that this new tech will be able to help users live a safer and healthier lifestyle for some time to come.


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