The Samsung Galaxy X Might Not Arrive In 2018


The launch of the highly anticipated Galaxy X may again be delayed. This is according to a QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) executive. In a statement, Salman Saeed, the product manager of display technology at Qualcomm said there are technological challenges which the company is yet to fully address when it comes to flexible displays.

According to Saeed, the weakest link when it comes to design of flexible displays is the transistors. He said that the components which are used for powering individual pixels are not very flexible to put up with the frequent folding.

With the main conundrum being durability and stability, the Galaxy X or any other similar concept is likely to be very far away than anticipated. Saeed added that many smartphone producers are yet to crack the material science at the moment so as to produce electrodes which can repeatedly withstand folding and bending.

The production of foldable phones has been an ongoing debate and many mobile phone producers have been flexing muscles. The main challenge for device makers has been finding a way that can reinvent or replace rigid and brittle components. Many breakthroughs have been bringing them almost closer to having a fully flexible smartphone. However, the transistor issue has been the stumbling block with many players in the industry saying it will take time to crack the material science. This means eager customers will have to wait much longer before the mythical Galaxy X can finally hit the market.

The whole story surrounding Samsung’s flexible smartphone is an erratic one. The company first revealed plans for the technology some years during the memorable CES demo. However, since then nothing much has happened. The whole story has been greeted with a lot of rumors and patents yet nothing seem to come out. A number of Samsung executives have been making comments that point to a possible launch of the device in the near future.

The smartphone has however failed to materialize despite the rumors and promises from Samsung and many other phone producers. Now we know the reasons for the delay. As things stand, there is a lot of work to be done as well scientific barriers to go over before the Galaxy X can finally graduate from a myth to a reality.


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