Is Samsung Moving into the Wearable Health Market?

samsung wearable device

Digital health care is a market that has grown exponentially over the course of the past few years. One of the newest players in the market may be the tech giant, Samsung. Going beyond just providing certain technical parts, Samsung Electronics may be able to fully form their own devices.

These devices will hopefully change the way we look at the digital health market. One of the best steps that Samsung could take toward creating this new part of their business would be to commune the technological capabilities with their other sectors.

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If the company chooses to restructure how they provide electronic devices in the consumer division, it could ultimately affect how they produce their own version of medical wearables. The CEO of Samsung affiliate Samsung Medison, Jun Dong-soo, has stated that they are working on creating this new sector of business including large medical equipment and ultrasound diagnostic technology.

If the company chooses, they may follow the path of restricting to that they can have smaller devices from their consumer division, go towards the development of the medical devices. An official at Samsung Medison recently stated that “the incorporation is being seriously considered by physically moving the workforces to Pangyo next year, around April or May.”

The company is currently located in southern Seoul, but is planning to relocate due to the ease of use that would occur. An official at Samsung Electronics recently stated that “Digital health is on the list of Samsung’s new sources of growth, but hasn’t yet been discussed as a major future business as much as artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things, but the long-term direction is that Samsung hopes to develop current wearable products as professional medical devices that can conduct medical checkups more sophisticatedly than now.”


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