Scientists Are Working on a Foldable Power System

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Scientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have been working on creating a new type of fabric-like technology that will serve as a power source. The device can be cut, folded or stretched without losing any aspect of its functionality. The team works at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and recently reported how their new super capacitor will be able to be integrated into wearable devices, and then will be able to charge incredibly quickly with a long battery life. The super capacitor has been made to be “editable” as the team calls it.

This essentially means that the device can be deformed and stretched without losing any function or form. The technology is likely to be joined up with other types of electrical components that would either have to take on this new type of flexibility, or be in a power back of sorts. Experiments done by the team show that “when the editable supercapacitor was paired with a sensor and placed on the human elbow, it performed better than existing stretchable supercapacitors. The editable supercapacitor was able to provide a stable stream of signals even when the arm was swinging, which are then transmitted wirelessly to external devices, such as one that captures a patient’s heart rate.”

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This is something that is incredibly useful as the industry on this type of technology continues to grow throughout the near future. Many think that the new super capacitor could be manufactured for a relatively cheap price and on quite a large scale in the upcoming months to years. The only issue is what the devices themselves will be. Given that the technology is so new, it will take time for companies to develop products that will be able to use this new technology.


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