What Are the Security Risks With Wearable Tech?

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The evolution of digital devices has been quite remarkable over the course of the past few years alone. This evolution has grown from massive room sized computers, to the same capability being on the user’s wrist. This advanced system of tech comes from the need for new and better technology for different applications.

All of this is effectively leading to the need for wearable digital technology. These types of wearable devices can have a range of purposes and offer a wide array of services to the user and to those who supply the devices. There are several issues in the way of this becoming a mainstream technology though, and here are just a few. If a hacker decides to undermine the efficacy of the technology, how can those who control it be sure that their data is secure.

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Do these devices need to use advanced forms of biometric technology to ensure that they are safe, or are they fine with the good old password and PIN system? These questions continue to be asked in the space, and remain relatively unanswered. A recent forecast has shown that a 51.4% CAGR between 2017 and 2022 will occur, with the market value increasing by a substantial amount. The report stated that, “The rise in the enterprise-focused wearable apps has eased workload handling. However, increased risk of breaches of sensitive data is now witnessed as data can easily be transferred through these devices. Organizations should have security policies in place to ensure data safety. Wearable device security solutions provide a profitable opportunity to modern enterprises to improve their workflow, better resource management, and to improve communications.”

The hopes are high that this new sector of technology can accurately track and monitor different needs for each person, but can also remain entirely secure for the user as well.


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