Several States Will Use Biometric Identifiers for New Driver’s Licenses in 2018

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The governments of six states will be adding a digital driver’s license test as soon as 2018. Those states are Iowa, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Wyoming.

The six states are cooperating with a company known as Idemia, to use a new technology to aid driving tests. The director of identity management at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Geoff Slagle, recently stated that he doesn’t believe this new digital technology will fully replace the current methods, but it will drastically change the space.

Slagle further stated that there are a significant amount of challenges to combat, before they can fully implement this new digital technology. If it is successful, it may be able to revolutionize how we take driving tests as time goes on. Slagle is positive that the change will occur and stated that “it is not a question of whether or not this happens, it’s a question of when.”

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Several states have completed a pilot test of the technology but are awaiting a final form that can be utilized across various platforms. The senior vice president of sales for Idemia’s North America identity and security efforts sector, Jenny Openshaw, stated that “it is a big leap, and we do feel like it puts both Iowa and Idemia into the vanguard.” She further stated that this is in fact a “paradigm shift” in the way things are done, and has a large amount of potential.

These digital driving tests would require the use of biometric authentication in the form of fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. As these technologies become more prominent, the prevalence of this new industry will continue to rise. The use of biometrics across many sectors of government and consumer affairs, is continuing to revolutionize the way that these areas run.


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