How SIM card-Embedded Wearables Could Change the Industry

wearable technology

A new report has come out showing how a new smart SIM card could potentially change the way that the wearable tech industry works. The SIM card will effectively help as the growing space on digital payments becomes more and more prolific. Karl Weaver, who has worked as the Original Equipment Manufacturer Business Development Director, has been helping a new start up to design wearables that have this type of technology within them.

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The report states that “ Karl also spent 5 years working in China for Gemalto (and Trustonic) as liaison and evangelist of embedded Mobile Near-Field Communications Payments & TEE security technologies to the OEM Smartphone/Tablet PC ecosystem. Weaver has a B.S degree in Business Management from Salve Regina University and a Certification in Mandarin Chinese Language, Customs, and Culture from National Taiwan Normal University.” These qualifications show that Weaver is one of the leading technology experts in the space of integrating these types of wearables into the tech industry. The SIM enabled wearables will help small devices as their main flaw is the fact that they need a device to go off of. If these types of devices are able to completely work and function on their own accord without an internet enabled device, the potential becomes much greater.

The space on wearable tech is increasing rapidly as new technology is being created and new innovation is being rewarded. Given that the industry is still relatively new and in its infant stages, the hopes are high that these new wearables will be able to change the way that we go about our daily lives. From sports to medicine to all of the above, the industry on wearable technology seems like it has no place to go but up.


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