How the Smart Contact Industry is Taking Over the Wearables Industry

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Market A new report has shown that the industry on smart contracts will increase by a large amount as the next year comes and goes. Contact lenses for those who don’t know, are thin lenses that go in the eyes, helping to replace glasses, and improve vision for the individual. According to the report, “Technological advancement in smart contact lenses is on the verge of creating something innovative with a goal to minimize vision problems in people. Trend in the use of medical devices is found to be increasing from last few years, with the urge of innovative product development and technological advancement.

Smart contact lenses monitor physiological parameters like blood glucose level helping the patient to manage his/her health.” There is a wide array of conditions that these smart contacts could potentially help, including those with diabetes and more. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes patients are 40% more susceptible to the glaucoma, which could make it necessary to have this instant form of glucose monitoring. If these lenses are perfected, and could provide accurate information for patients with these types of diseases, they could present a new world for benefitting diabetes.

Several of the top tech companies in the world including Samsung, Google, and Alcon have become some of the big players in the race to produce better versions of this new technology. Google recently put in a patent from the U.S. government, for these smart contact lenses back in November of 2015. Critics expect this technology to be much better than when they applied for the patent several years ago. The hopes are high that these new tech pieces can help to give patients with a wide variety of diseases, a better chance at living a normal and healthy life.

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