Snapchat Acquires Seene


Seene enables the user to capture three-dimensional models for your phone with a simple smartphone camera. Snapchat could use the format for a completely different array of selfie lenses.

According to our sources, Snapchat was interested in Seene’s computer vision technology and its engineering team more than for its consumer product. Snapchat could act as the larger entity because it is always in need for novelty to keep its users engaged and consistently sharing fresh content with fresh updated ways of viewing and interacting. This is the lifeblood of its social platform.

Seene’s engineering team is led by CTO and co-founder Sam Hare, whose computer vision PhD specialized in real-time applications of the technology for gaming use cases. We also understand the price for the acquisition is low, and that it’s a cash and share deal. According to AngelList, the startup had raised $600,000 from Knight Foundation, Kima Ventures, EC1 Capital, OREFA, Scott McPhee, Richard Fearn, Julian Carter and potentially others. It is not clear whether the Seene app will continue to be maintained.

Also last year, Snapchat took over Looksery which enabled it to power its selfie lenses. Combining Looksery’s technology with Seene’s technology would allow Snapchat to create more complex lenses with a real sense of depth. This would change the advertising world of snapchat and social media as a whole. Think ads that people want to touch. This adds a whole new sense to the screen and the advertisement. Seene also works with the camera at the back of your phone to capture 3D scenes. Combined with your phone’s accelerometers, it creates a sort of hybrid between a photo and a video; something more interactive.


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