#Snapchat Inserts Advertisements Between Stories


Snapchat now will have advertisements occasionally inserted when one auto-advances at the end of one person’s story to the next person’s, but they won’t interrupt the narrative of any one user’s Story and won’t be shown every tine one auto-advances. Users can now also swipe up on Snapchat’s advertisements to install the promoted application, watch a long form video, or visit a company’s website.

Also, advertisers can use programmatic interfaces to efficiently buy huge campaigns instead of having to directly strike deals with Snapchat. Snapchat does plan to protect its users’ experience by reviewing all adds for quality before they run on the expanding social media mobile application. They are also managing the ad load so as not to overwhelm users with too much marketing. Advertisers who don’t know how to build great custom Snapchat ads will be pointed to a directory of vetted creative agencies they can pay to help them produce eye-catching Snap ads. Some creative Partners that help with the snap ads include Allay Everyday, Big Spaceship, Contented, Matte-Finish, Media Monks, Moment Studio, R29 Brand Lab, Studio Number One, Stun Creative, The 88, and The Mill.

These announcements turn the thriving new social network, Snapchat into an advertising powerhouse. But rather than just joining the pack of big league ad platforms, Snapchat has leapfrogged them in marketing innovation.


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