Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) Views Call Center as Lab for Human-AI Collaboration


Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) has announced that the company is working on developing an AI-powered software which is expected to help call center representatives with handling inquiries from customers. This is a perfect example of how artificial intelligence is expected to work together with the human workforce.

The program is part of the company’s ongoing digitization project, which will involve forming a partnership with Adobe Systems Inc as well as an emphasis on getting value from analytics and big data.

According to Scott Rice, the company’s chief information officer, they have been focusing on becoming a digital company in several facets. He added that Sprint expanded its utilization of data to a big extent over the past five year. He said that data has become very important to the company’s infrastructure.

Mr. Rice revealed that Sprint intends to use huge amounts of data about customer calls so as to develop what it has called “interaction assistants”. These are software programs which can suggest the next best steps to be taken by employees during a call. This software can be powered by machine learning, which is a section of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn from data with very little programming.

If a call center employee for instance is talking to a client concerning a given topic, machine learning can help turn the conversation from audio to text, analyze it and get results which can be used to give potential results to the customer. This is according to Rob Roy, the company’s chief digital officer who is working alongside Mr. Rice on the digitization project.

According to Mr. Roy, call center representatives who use this type of AI systems are able to significantly reduce on the time they spend looking for information in the database and asking managers to for help. This in turn reduce the time that customer spends on the phone. Additionally, artificial intelligence can be used in training of call center agents.

Many technology executives from the company have revealed that they are using data to personalize and customize digital marketing advertisements and direct them to specific target customers.


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