“All-You-Can-Fly” Private Jet App Hits Europe


Surf Air is a travel startup that provides an “all you can fly” service. The company recently announced that they are beginning to run routes in Europe this October. This service is available to all paying members. Surf Air’s European routes will specifically include daily flights between London’s Luton Airport, and other hubs such as Cannes, Geneva, and Zurich. The company aims to additionally offer weekend flights to popular holiday destinations, such as Ibiza, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona, in early 2017.

In the United States, Surf Air sends its customers to airports in areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno, Palm Springs, and Napa, that are near major business and popular vacation spots. At first, members are going to need to pay a fee of $1,000, and they then continue to pay a fee of $1,950 per month so long as the service is being used domestically. The company has a large fleet which includes a Pilatus PC-12 NG aircraft as well as other seven-seat business jets, all of which have been designed by BMW DesignworksUSA. European members will need to pay £2500 per month in order to fly between all of the company’s locations. In addition, they can purchase one-way guest passes for £750 a trip.


The company controls everything via their app, which allows members to book flights and access valet parking at the airport. The new European addition will allow Surf Air to compete more against other business travel offerings. Here is Surf Air’s main competition: Wheels Up, which charges for hours flown, and JetSmarter, which lets members book unused seats on someone else’s private jet. Surf Air was founded in 2011 and has raised $18.76 million in equity funding from investors. Their main investors include Anthem Venture Partners, Baroda Ventures, Base Ventures, NEA, FF Venture Capital and Mucker Lab.

The service itself is very novel and in comparison to other “on demand flight apps” like JetSmarter or helicopter app “Blade”, Surf Air allows for unlimited use all month long. This is in comparison to having to pay for a chartered flight or planning ahead weeks in advance to see if a flight route is even available. SurfAir even gives its members one complimentary guest pass per quarter and is something neither of the previous companies mentioned can say. The downside? Right now the company is domestically in California for the most part so anyone on the east coast looking to book their next year’s worth of business travel will have to wait. Internationally, however, you’ve now got a little taste of the good life!

Interested in scheduling this month? Here is a link to their flight plan for July: https://www.surfair.com/us/surf-air-schedule-july.html


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