Taylor Sues Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Alleging Violation Of Civil Rights By Banning His Accounts


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has a case to answer according to California Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn in San Francisco. The social media platform is facing allegations of having unconscionable of suspending accounts. Jared Taylor, who also claimed of having been denied free speech rights, presented the allegations. However, the court dismissed the latter allegation citing that it did not have enough support.

Nonetheless, Taylor christened the ‘White Advocate’, claims that the platform, which campaigns for free speech, is misleading. His accounts were permanently suspended in December. The suspension means that neither he nor his publication can share their views on the platform. Yet through his New Century Foundation, he purports to be a racialist who believes in racial realism.

But Twitter argues that it has a First Amendment right

Even as Taylor pushes for the reinstatement of his accounts through the corridors of justice, his woes with Twitter are far from being over. In response to his allegations, Twitter points out that it still holds onto the First Amendment right. The right, which runs across other newspapers, gives it a mandate of what to and what not to publish. Thus Taylor still needs to build onto his case to make it stronger.

Twitter additionally argues that it has the right to ban offensive content following the passing of the federal Communications Decency Act. The act regulates pornography. However, Taylor may have been taking the advantage of the fact that the case was eliciting massive public interest.

Several people have sued digital platforms for alleged ideological bias

Various digital platforms are on the spot over ideological biases. The widespread claims have generated into a congressional hearing. Apparently, some of the bans are based on people’s political viewpoints, a situation, which deemed as wanting.

However, not all suits featuring Twitter have enough support to proceed for full hearing and ruling. This is explainable through another dismissal of Charles C. Johnson’s claim. Nonetheless, some people including Eric Goldman, the Santa Clara University High Tech Law Institute co-director are skeptical of Kahn’s argument.

Thus it is unlikely that anyone will win a lawsuit against Twitter even though it has been upheld in dozens of cases.


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