How Tech Gadgets and Medical Devices are Becoming One


After the Consumer Electronics Show displayed some of the hottest new technology that is being created, one of the big things that people began to see is the fact that medical applications are becoming widespread in the wearable tech industry. A new report has come out detailing how these devices will be able to better treat and diagnose different medical diseases. David Rhew, the chief medical officer and head of healthcare and fitness at Samsung Electronics America stated that “Consumer technology – there’s tremendous opportunity here. And we’re seeing this across the board, with wearables, with virtual reality, with a variety of other things. They’re using it for treatment options that we never imagined before.”

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One of the main impediments to this market becoming as large as it could be is the fact that the FDA or Food and Drug Administration continues to put a large amount of regulation on these devices, if letting them through at all. Eri Gentry, a search manager stated that “when you see every sort of technology becoming a health technology, the lines blur. Regulators are going to have a challenging time figuring out where to draw the line between what’s medically relevant and what’s just a smart home device.” The Vice president of emerging products at UnitedHealthcare stated that “the technologies and the capabilities are leaps and bounds ahead of the relevant application at this point.

The future is very promising, but let’s start from the point of: ‘Let’s provide an interesting and relevant baseline’.” Given that the market on this technology is so new, only time will tell what happens to the high amount of innovation and technology being made. It seems as though the future has a large amount of possibilities for the market on wearable technology.


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