Tech News & Trends January 18, 2018

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Today, one company that we’ve been following for quite some time released breaking news on NEW DEVELOPMENTS for its breakthrough product! Could commercialization be right around the corner for this medical device technology company?


Technology That Can Stop The No. 1 Killer

This company is revolutionizing the healthcare market with a product first in class to monitor vascular health and detect cardiovascular disease even at a premature stage. This non-invasive device is a revolutionary, simple, effective & personalized technology that is poised to save lives!  More Details..

What are Some New Wearables?

The Consumer Electronics Show produced a wide new array of technology for the wearable space. Some of these new devices have been updates on older versions, while others are new devices altogether. One of the newest pieces of tech is known as the HTC Vive Pro. This is a wearable VR helmet which will provide an extremely high definition apparatus to the user. Read More…

Are People Interested in Making Wearables Fashionable?

The fashion and tech world do not often intertwine, but in terms of the wearable industry, that may be just the case. The consumer electronics show or CES that just went on displayed how the mingling of the fashion industry and that of the wearable tech market could become a new standard as we move further into this new year. Many designers have chosen to get into the smartwatch industry such as Kate Spade, Fossil and even Louis Vuitton. Full Story…


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