Technology To Empower Teachers

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It was only a matter of time before chalk became replaced by dry erase markers and chalk boards themselves, traded in for lighter white boards. But now we’re beginning to see how technology is impacting the education community for the better. Figures show that investment on a global scale, into education technology or “edtech” is growing at a quick rate.

Some reports even show that there could be a total of over two hundred and fifty billion dollars of investment funds flooding into the market by 2020. The goal is simple: find solutions that enhance the learning and teaching experience while saving on higher education costs.

Research has shown that nearly three-quarters of students would like their universities to enhance the digital offerings and almost half of these students said that they would be happier with the university experience if they could have more digital resources. There’s an obvious demand out that and multiple studies already prove the case. But organizations that do not get with the program in new tech may find that they will struggle to attract new students.

Obviously no education technology has shown the ability to reinvent how the market learns and teaches. Even though the industry has gone through a large amount of change because of technology its still relatively the same as it has been for decades. There are companies that want to push for real, lasting change within the industry and they are looking to find new ways of partnering with educators. The goal is to offer effective options instead of making an effort to simply recreate already existing platforms.

So it’s important to view student outcomes and how it benefits an institution. Engaging with digital tools can allow learning centers & universities to gain a competitive advantage. Ultimately these institutions should focus on how to implement new technology in order to upgrade student performance and new edtech solutions may offer just the thing.


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