Tile May be Making It’s First Wearable

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The company tile has been helping us find our keys and other small objects of quite some time now, but they have begun to reportedly get involved in the wearable space of tech. The company has stated that they begin adding their devices into a series of new items such as suitcases, inhalers and headphones. The company has reportedly come out with a series of new partnerships to help make these goals come to fruition.

One of the biggest names that is apart of this partnership is with the sound company known as Bose. This means that the technology from Tile could soon become apart of wireless headphones that would otherwise get lost quite easily. CEO and cofounder of Tile Mike Farley, stated that “whether it’s a pari of wireless headphones, a suitcase filled with precious memories, or a life saving connected inhaler, we want to make sure consumers can find their items no matter where they are, whether under the couch or halfway around the world.” Other partnerships for the company could include the startup known as Starling.

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This would help to give the technology to a younger generation, enabling them to learn easier and speak at younger ages. Tile has also reportedly begun to spot out locations in airports such as San Jose, which would help individuals find their lost items around the departures area, or other lost items. Tile will continue to roll out this new technology, and the hopes are high that this can somehow be incorporated into a wearable device. With the new Internet of Things world we live in, any device that promises to make it easier to do day to day tasks, is a device that will likely find a large amount of popularity in the tech space.


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