Today’s Tech Trends- January 11, 2018

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This Medical Device Stock Could Disrupt An Industry Worth Billions

This company is revolutionizing the healthcare market with a product first in class to monitor vascular health and detect cardiovascular disease even at a premature stage, the Cardiovascular Diagnostic Medical Device. This non-invasive device is a revolutionary, simple, effective & personalized technology that is poised to save lives!

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How Wearable Sensors are Changing the Way the Olympics

Happen The last Olympics we had were back in 2016, where a total of 121 medals were won across the board for the US. Of these medals, 32 of them came from the US swim team. One company has been working with the team to help them assure that they have the proper data and metrics to know how their performance is comparing. The company known as Cheetham has been tasked with the responsibility of helping elite athletes take advantage of the newest technology available in the space.

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What’s Going on in the Wearable Industry?

Many new ways have come out promising an easier time at monitoring different aspects about our health, but this new year comes with many new possibilities for the wearable industry. According to the company Wareable, swear tracking could potentially become quite large in this coming year. Using optical sensor technology, new tech has come out detailing how we could potentially utilize this new innovation.

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