Today’s Top Tech Trends- January 10, 2018

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This Medical Device Stock Could Disrupt An Industry Worth Billions

This company is revolutionizing the healthcare market with a product first in class to monitor vascular health and detect cardiovascular disease even at a premature stage, the Cardiovascular Diagnostic Medical Device. This non-invasive device is a revolutionary, simple, effective & personalized technology that is poised to save lives!

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Biometric Elections Are Beginning to Reign Supreme

New technology introduced on the basis of biometric identification in Somaliland has been deemed quite successful by the government. Authorities used new technology known as IRIS ID to register voters prior to the country’s election. The hopes are that this new technology will help weed out duplicate votes and help to maintain integrity in the country’s voting process. New outlets within the country have stated that as many as 30,000 votes have been saved that would have been processed.

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Amazon’s Alexa Could be Moving Into the Wearable Market Soon

According to a new report, the popular AI speaker known as Alexa could be expanding into the wearable market quite soon. With popularity peaking from the Amazon branded device, any new devices produced on the same platform are likely to be met with the same amount of excitement. The device helps with many tasks such as home control, music controlling and many more. It works by using an advanced AI system similar to Apple’s Siri. Many frontrunners in the tech industry have been working on a system that would use all of the same technology, but in a wearable setting, and it looks as though Amazon could be beating them to it.

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