Today’s Trending Tech- January 22, 2018

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Technology That Can Save A Life

This company is revolutionizing the healthcare market with a product first in class to monitor vascular health and detect cardiovascular disease even at a premature stage. This non-invasive device is a revolutionary, simple, effective & personalized technology that is poised to save lives! More Details..

How Wearables Are Working for Horticulture

One of the trickiest aspects of planting is knowing exactly what the plant needs to thrive. This can be anything from water to sunlight, and more. The newest wearable tech to come out appears to be a tattoo that goes right onto a plant. This sensor has the ability to provide farmers with real-time information detailing important aspects of the plants life. The tattoo is applied like a sticker, with a small amount of adhesive. More Details.

The Wearable Market is on Fire

A new report has come out detailing some of the newest and best technology to enter the space of wearable technology. The latest series of Apple Watches can monitor different aspects of the human body with a large amount of precision that never before has been seen in the industry of wearables. One fan at the Vikings and Saints game stated in regard to the new technology that “The game was so thrilling that fans were treated to an exceptional roller coaster of excitement. Full Story.


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