Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Has a New Plan to Combat Trolls


There has been an increase in cases of internet trolls and abuses in the recent days. A report by Amnesty International has indicated that women find it hard to freely express themselves on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). The report goes on to accuse Twitter for doing little to protect and respect women’s rights online.

Twitter seems to be taking this report seriously and accordingly. The social media giant has launched a new method for combating online trolls. The method will involve limiting ones tweets seen by other during a conversation.

The company has announced that it is studying and analyzing various behaviors of its users so as to determine the best way to display their tweets when they reply to other people’s tweets. In addition, Twitter says it will consider and analyze people’s behaviors to determine if their tweet should be displayed more prominently when people search topics on Twitter.

The company says it is taking these steps so as to get rid of potentially unbecoming and abusive tweets people they are displayed to people and before they get to react to them or report them to Twitter.

For many years, Twitter has been trying to clean up and get rid of abuses on the platform. In the lasts move, the company will use external researchers to randomly scan through tweets and determine what constitutes healthy and unhealthy conversations on it platform. The company says that by understanding what constitutes healthy on its platform, it will promote methods that foster more worthwhile tweetsrather.

Among the behaviors that will be under scrutiny for the new program include determining whether a person’s email address has been confirmed, whether a person has more than on account and if the accounts tweets and make mention of accounts that don’t follow them.

In a blog, Twitter executives said that they are examining how accounts are related to others that violate the company’s policies as well as how they interact with each other. They added that the signals will be analyzed so as to organize and present in communal sections like search and conversations.


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