Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Is Shutting Down Some Of Its T.V Apps


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) announced today its intention to shut down several of its T.V apps. The exercise which will start tomorrow (May 24th) will close its Android T.V, Roku, and Xbox.

Twitters agenda is unknown as it is only beginning of this year that it shut down the Twitter for Mac app. By use of unfriendly API changes, the company seems to be attempting to kill off popular third-party Mac apps.

Negative Feedback

Some feel that Twitter decided to kill the T.V apps as a result of the dismal feedback they’ve been attracting. Take Xbox for example, it only managed a rating of one and a half stars out of five.

The poor rating might have been caused by the fact that the apps prevent one from twitting from their account or even interact with others on Twitter. The apps were mainly used for passively viewing a displayed content.

Twitters Android T.V, as well as Roku, fared better than Xbox even though they still received average ratings of two and three and a half out of five stars, respectively.

Another argument is that Twitter reached its decision to shut down the T.V apps so as to comply with GDPR. Xbox and Roku were tedious to maintain since both of them bears a standard regularly supported video player.

Unlike Netflix, Twitter lacks an exclusive video content right.

Shutting down the apps comes as a surprise to many. In the last one year, Twitter seemed to be expanding its live streaming video content. It had seen an opportunity for its T.V apps as a tool to channel videos in front of the television audience.

This is evidenced by the launch of Xbox One app, Apple T.V and Fire T.V in September 2016 and the arrival of Roku app last year.

Welcome Relief

In spite of Twitter’s move to shut down the T.V apps, it announced improvements on its mobile website. A new tweet compose box and night mode have now been included in the mobile platform. Additionally, both Twitter for Windows and Twitter Lite apps will now receive real-time updates on reply, retweets and like counts.


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