The U.S. Department of Defense Could be Getting Into the Wearable Industry


A new report has come out showing how the U.S. Department of Defense could potentially be creating a series of wearable devices aimed at the employees of the sector. The device has the goal of either maintaining the locations of certain individuals throughout the department, as well as mapping how much exercise they are receiving.

The technology is meant to be used for missions abroad that often have difficult implications as to the safety of the individuals working there. Army Col. Robert Manning III stated that “We take these matters seriously, and we are reviewing the situation to determine if any additional training or guidance is required, and if any additional policy must be developed to ensure the continued safety of DoD personnel at home and abroad.”

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Using these types of wearable electronic fitness trackers to upload data, could help to ensure that those who are abroad in these types of difficult situations are in the safest place possible. Manning further stated that “the rapid development of technology requires the rapid refinement of policy and procedures to enhance force protection and operational security. DoD personnel are advised to place strict privacy settings on wireless technologies and applications.” Many service members are not allowed to wear such wireless devices in operations because of the aforementioned fear.

He further stated that “we have confidence in commanders to employ tactics, techniques and procedures that enhance force protection and operational security with the least impact to individuals.” As these new types of devices are created for a variety of different applications, the hopes are high that the wearable tech will help to keep individuals safer and doing better no matter where they are in the world. Only time will tell how well this technology works in the real world.


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