Use of Mobile Devices Leads to Lower Rates On Hospitalization 

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The current era of tech that we live in is one where a person can be diagnosed just by putting information on their smartphone. With technology increasing by the day, the ability to benefit from the digital age in a medical sense. 

In a study between 253 patients who had rheumatic and structural heart diseases, a paper was published showing the benefits of technology on their diseases. Using technology that can fit in ones pocket has been incredibly helpful in clinics and office use as well as diagnosing patients. Some researchers have stated that there will be 25 million deaths in the year 2030 than there is now. The possibility of using technology to aid this fact is one that many are excited about. 

The group that was studied was split into two groups. The first one was equipped with wireless devices, and the other group was not. In the groups that used the technology, there data was tracked by a long shot and used to help communicate with their doctors. With those who didn’t have the use of pocket sized technology, they were treated the same as a usual patient would be. 

One of the leaders of the study was quoted stating that “Point-of-care mHealth devices used to assess the severity of symptoms, structural and functional abnormalities can be used at the point of care as clinical decision support tools,” the study’s authors wrote. “These data have important implications for the use of pocket echocardiography and smartphone-connected mHealth devices at the point of care as clinical decision support tools in the healthcare system of resource-limited areas.”

With the use of technology to benefit the healthcare sector, the possibilities are endless. As systems become more and more advanced, more people will be able to benefit from them.

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