The Use of Multi-factor Authentication Will Change the Market on Biometrics

multifactor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is quite self-explanatory. With the use of various biometric indicators such as facial recognition or a fingerprint scanner, machines can make a profile of the user that is so incredibly difficult to bypass, that it would effectively change how our security works in the modern day.

A new report has been published showing that the market on biometrics could increase by a staggering 79% from 2017-2021. The report titled “Global Mobile Biometrics Market 2017-2021” shows an in-depth view at the emerging market trends for biometrics. It also includes various pieces of data from across the world, and how those markets will interact and effectively effect each other.

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According to the lead analyst on the study, Amrita Choudhury, “various sectors, such as healthcare and defense, and enterprises are increasingly using the mobile fingerprint recognition technology for user verification. Also, with an increase in the adoption of residential security equiptment, here is a proportional increase in the adoption of mobile fingerprint recognition technology to authenticate homeowners and to reduce the chances of violent attacks and thefts.”

The report shows that the most popular form of biometrics are currently fingerprint recognition uses. This is extremely popular on mobile devices and most notably with the iPhone. These devices use fingerprint recognition to not only identify the user but to authenticate transactions, and protect customer information. As this technology becomes easier to hack into, more biometric systems are being created. This is where the use of multi-factor authentication comes in. Using a series of multiple systems could effectively make hacking into a device almost impossible. With multiple systems to bypass, the user would have the utmost security to ensure that their data remains safe and secure no matter what.


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