Users Prefer Biometrics to Traditional Passwords

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In the current world of tech, fingerprint scanning has become the most widespread biometric system available.

In a new study conducted by Kantar TNS, the group surveyed around 4,000 participants on their preferences of biometrics. The results were pretty simple, suggesting that users have a strong preference for fingerprint scanning and biometrics over the more traditional use of PINs and passwords for authentication.

According to one part of the study, although fingerprint scanning is only available on 42% of devices, as much as 92% of the participants said they have access to and use fingerprint authentication on a regular basis. On the other hand, PIN and password authentication is available on around 100% of all modern smartphones, but only around 71% said they use this as their method of authentication. In another small category, around 46% of the users who had access to facial recognition technology said they use it.

This suggests that although these more advanced types of biometrics are not widely available, they are well adopted by the public. When the users were asked why they like biometric authentication, the majority of them stated that it had to do with the sole purpose of speed. The other reason they suggested they enjoy biometrics is the security it ensures.

With hacking being a major problem in today’s world, any software that offers a more advanced type of biometric or security system in general, will become highly used. As large companies like Apple and Samsung role out with new phones that promote technology such as facial recognition, the technology is becoming more widespread.

Whether or not hit is widely adopted depends on how secure it is, and how well it can work on the widespread platform is is now being distributed on. Only time will tell whether or not the public can adopt this new and groundbreaking technology.

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