How Voice Biometrics Could Become the Next Big Thing

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A new report has come out showing how a new voice biometric based security system could effectively help a large amount of consumers who would be using unsafe methods otherwise. According to the report “Nuance Communications has announced that its voice biometrics solution sees 300 million consumers perform more than five billion authentications annually, which it says represents a level of adoption unrivaled in the industry.” The company has stated that their previous iterations “reached ten million voiceprints enrolled globally around 2012, Beranek says, mostly through small-scale deployments for specific groups of employees or customers. Adoption accelerated from 2012 to 2016, when Nuance reached 150 million voiceprints.

With a shift from point solutions to deployments for broad customer availability, the number of voiceprints has doubled to 300 million over the past year.” One of the major factors that has helped this shift is the high profile data breaches that have continued to occur. This has made the public incredibly aware of how unsafe traditional pins and passwords could be. One of the executives from the company stated that “It took a couple of innovative organizations to deploy the technology and to share those data points to support widely spread adoption. With nice biometrics, an organization can pretty much flip the switch and make it available to all their customers.”

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The executive continued to state that A lot of organizations look at out solutions and see a more complete product offering, both from a performance perspective and a capabilities perspective.We have a solution that can address both authentication and fraud prevention right across any customer care channel.” The hopes are high that companies like these will continue to help the industry on wearable biometrics grow as we move further into the new year.


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