What the Wearable Biometric Industry Looks Like Right Now

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Technological devices that track fitness such as smartwatches, have been quite the hot gift for the holiday market thus far. This is a trend that many are sure will not go anywhere in the next couple of years, and is ultimately here to stay. Updates from some of the largest players in the industry such as Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit have shown that new technology is being produced on quite a regular basis, and that wearables remain at the top of the list for this year.

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Past years have questioned the amount of grasp that wearables would have on the technological market, but since they are such a big part of the world now, they are well adopted throughout. The technology has ultimately gotten so good, that many feel as though they cannot live without their wearable devices. With a majority of these devices coming with built in apps, the industry is currently being built on apps that can be supported within the devices. With this comes the advent of traditional fitness tracking devices as well as new applications that can ultimately provide a better and broader view to the human body using the help of biometric technology.

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One of the newest fads in the industry on creating apps is creating applications that allow individuals to challenge their friends for different fitness goals. With the aim of creating better fitness for the population, the industry on wearable technology looks like it is here to stay. There is a large amount of competition that is currently going on in the space, and it only looks like it will continue to grow. The hopes are high that this competition will lead to better applications and new technologies to help shape and reshape the market on wearable tech.


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