Are Wearable Computers the Next Big Thing?

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The industry on wearable tech is now merging with that of the fashion industry. According to Felice Torrisi, a researcher at the Cambridge Graphene Center, the industry on wearable tech will soon be combining into that of clothing.

Wearable electronics have become a large part of the tech industry, and many have attempted to put them into clothing, but with the need for a power source, this has been quite difficult. Torrisi stated that “The so-called wearable devices which we see nowadays have a huge limitation, which is in their rigid electronic parts,” Torrisi told me in an email. “Truly wearable devices will have to fulfill all the requirements of the clothes we wear, such as comfort, breathability, washability, and so on. We wear textiles every day, so integrating electronics using fabric was the most sensible thing to do.”

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He also stated that he is not a fashion designer, but if the industry on wearable tech were ever to take off, the clothing would have to be up to the standard of regular clothes in design as well as function.

Torrisi has been working with his colleagues to put a layer of graphene directly onto the fabric of the clothing. This would allow designers to program full electronic circuits right into the clothing. The devices now are mostly still in the concept phase, but it does seem likely that they will be entering testing and hopefully manufacturing in the near future. The hopes by Torrisi and his team are that the clothing designers will be able to show a prototype on the clothing within the next year. With the industry on wearable tech reaching all-time highs, it is only a matter of time before clothing becomes a part of this growing new market.


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