Are Wearable Medical Devices the Way of the Future?


The newest trend in the medical industry has become the use of wearables to do everything from monitor vitals, to keeping track of patients.

The evolution on this advanced technology has helped to fuel innovations in the communication and navigation aspects of the industry. Its extreme ease of use and flexibility has made it an ideal candidate to help revolutionize the entire world of healthcare.

Traditionally, wearable medical devices have only been used to diagnose rather than to keep track. Most of the simple procedures such as taking blood pressure or blood sugar have been slightly invasive involving drawing blood or putting patients in uncomfortable positions. New devices including wearables have helped to change and revolutionize the industry for ever.

These devices can help to ensure that a patient can give the doctor the information quickly and often without even being in the office. An example of this would be using a mobile app to chart different parts of the body such as the aforementioned blood sugar and so on. Patients could share with doctors and chart the food they eat and make sure that it is having positive effects on their bodies.

There are several sensors available for replacement of an electrocardiograph or EKG machine that essentially checks the heart rate of a patient. This is often done now with several wires and stickers attached to the body. If a single sensor could do all of these functions, it would not only save hospitals and patients millions in bills, but also provide them with a much easier time solving health diagnosis issues.

The only part that has been holding the industry back up until now has been the regulatory framework getting approved by the FDA. With this now in place, the wearable medical sensor industry has begun to boom and does not show any signs of slowing down.


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