How a Wearable Nail Could be the Next Big Thing in Tech

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The world’s first wearable tech nail that doubles as a phone has been released by the mobile company known as O2. This new device is a large step for the world of wearables, but many are wondering what the real world applications could be. The product is the joint development between the inventor Sean Miles, and the brand known as Nails Inc. The prototype that they built is a wearable nail that has technology embedded in it allowing the operator to use their nail as a mobile handset.

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The idea is simple: users can talk to their friends by simply raising a their finger to their face. Using a miniature bluetooth chip in the nail, paired with a mobile phone stored somewhere on the user, the nail can be used to answer a call, play a song, or redial the last number by simply pressing a button on the nail itself. Nina Bibby from O2 stated that “we are always looking ahead to the next developments in mobile and to be able to bridge the gap between fashion and tech is a really exciting challenge. People have been customizing mobile phones for years but this is the next step towards tech becoming part of how we decorate our bodies.”

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The mobile nail can be modified to be used with different nail designs, with manicures being designed specially for the device. The wearable market is something that is increasing in size and popularity as the year ends and the next year begins. The hopes are high that this new device will help to usher in a new era of wearable tech, and the ability to integrate technology into the user without having to make a permanent change to their body.


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