How Wearable Sensors are Changing the Way the Olympics

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Happen The last olympics we had were back in 2016, where a total of 121 medals were won across the board for the US. Of these medals, 32 of them came from the US swim team. One company has been working with the team to help them assure that they have the proper data and metrics to know how their performance is comparing. The company known as Cheetham has been tasked with the responsibility of helping elite athletes take advantage of the newest technology available in the space.

Cheetham stated that they have been working on new innovation in the technology space for helping athletes prepare for such a demanding challenge. They stated that “We formed a technology and innovation group around a year ago and we have that separately funded, so I have the luxury of starting to look at different and new technologies across the board that can help improve performance for our athletes.” He further explained that “it doesn’t matter what technology it is, if it can help us improve performance, and if it can help us win medals, then we’re looking at it and it’s across all sports.”

Cheetham further stated that “Radar technology, which sends out a doppler radar pulse, can look at the shot put as it’s flying through the air and give us velocity, take off height, distance, and several other parameters. That’s one that helped us win the gold and silver in Rio.” The technology that is being created now is better than ever and continues to improve the space more than ever. Wearables have managed to recreate the way we use technology, by incorporating information about the individual rather than the broader spectrum of people in the space. The hopes are high that this space can continue to grow throughout the next year.


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