How Wearable Tech is Changing the Health Industry

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Wearable tech has changed the health industry in ways that many never thought was possible. From the use of biometrics for security and monitoring to an endless world of possibilities, biometrics and wearable tech will continue to dominate the market.

One of Apple’s newest versions of the smartwatch can be used to track certain health issues as well as monitor the effect of a disease on that individual. Microsoft has also come out with a device can with the use of vibrations, help treat individuals who have Parkinson’s disease. Another popular brand, FitBit, has helped to bring waterproof, heart rate and sleep tracking devices to the market in a large way. There is only one thing that these devices are lacking, and that is the ability to track hydration.

Hydration is a crucial part of health that is as important as a heart rate or any other sensor, so why has no company done it yet? Then came along the Austin,Texas-based LVL Technologies, which has been working on a new wearable to help track hydration.

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The founder of the start-up company, Dustin Freckleton stated that the idea came to him after he had a troubling health experience while attending medical school. Freckleton stated that “During my first year of medical school, I suffered a stroke that left me paralyzed on half of my body as a result of exercise-induced dehydration. I didn’t realize that dehydration could cause that, said Freckleton.

“It was somewhat terrifying as a 24 year old who kind of prided myself in knowing a lot about the body, since that’s what I was studying, not realizing that those type of effects were even possible with something as seemingly small as dehydration.”

It is a niche market at this point, but the hopes are high that Freckleton’s technology can help to build the wearable market into all sectors across the health industry.


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